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Demar Johnson BlogDemar Johnson, Born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and raised in Deerfield Beach, where he picked up the entrepreneurial spirit.

He’s the father of two, a blogger, online marketer and entrepreneur with a passion and commitment to helping others. Demar grew it in a small city in South Florida. High school graduate and a certified Pharmacy Technician. Also an avid fan of hip-hop, funk and soul music.

He discovered the entrepreneurial spirit at an early age which led to different business ventures. Such as owning his own DJ business through middle and high school. Years later he’d become CEO, writer, producer, and artist of his own record company called “Tuff Life Records.” As you can see doing for self and being independent is in the blood. Looking for a better way to make money he’d discover online marketing.

Internet marketing became a passion and ideal solution to his problems so he thought. Demar soon learned that it was a learning curve that took years to master the basics. With minimal success, he never gave up and kept moving forward to obtain his goal. The goal was and is financial freedom from the 9 to 5 work plantation that he hated so much. Demar is close to fulfilling his dream of earning a six-figure income on the internet.

He’s the type of guy who will help anyone that needs it. His work ethic and marketing style are catching the attention of top six-figure earners. Demars philosophy is “keep swinging your ax, and you’ll eventually chop down that tree.”  If you stay positive and innovative, nothing but God can hold you back from success.

Demar Johnson Is A Hard Working Blogger, Online Marketer, Entrepreneur & Father Of 2…

He’s a go-getter and hard worker looking for a way to take care of his family. Demar had to go through some pretty rough times like divorce, job loss and stress. He’d use his savings to search for a way to support himself and family working from home. Searching on the internet he’d discovered internet marketing.

It wasn’t until years later that he’d finally understood how to start a successful business online. Demar Johnson has free training on how to create sales funnel from top to bottom. If interested, click here for all the details. That dedication to helping people is what separates him from the rest.

Demar gauges his success not by the amount of money he makes or how successful he has been in business, but by how many lives he can impact. He feels his purpose is to empower, develop, grow, and help so many more entrepreneurs and business owners take their business, lifestyle, and income to the next level.

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