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How To Drive Targeted Web Traffic To Your Affiliate Offer Or Website

How To Drive Targeted Web Traffic To Your Affiliate Offer Or Website
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Want to learn more about Web Traffic? One of the biggest hurdles to making online sales is actually getting targeted web traffic to your offer. You’ve built a fantastic product, you’ve tweaked the landing page and sales copy. Now how do you get the right eyeballs in front of it? It’s not as easy as most people think when they decide to start online marketing… It’s also not that hard either.

Driving targeted traffic to your offer is simple once you know the tactics to use, and the best part about it is that once you have the tactics it’s as simple as rinse and repeat. So let’s break down some of the best methods I know to increase web traffic to your offer. Starting with this must know a bit of advice.

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Tactic 1. You Should Be Building An Email List

The old saying goes “The money is in the list” and even though the landscape of online marketing has changed quite a bit over the years this still remains true. With average open rates often topping 25% and clickthrough rates often crossing 8% email is still a more powerful web traffic driver than social media, where in the case of Facebook only 3-5 percent of your followers actually see your post. And oh yeah did I mention, statistics show that the average return for $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25!

As you can see it’s pretty clear that you should be building a mailing list. There are several tactics to do this. If you have a blog you can ask visitors to subscribe to your blog via a popup in exchange for a lead magnet which can be an ebook or video course. But that’s pretty standard stuff. I want to go into an advanced tactic I use to boost my mailing list in different niches. The results I’ve seen with this tactic are exceptional.

I call it the “Viral Meme List Explosion Maneuver”

To implement this tactic you will follow these steps:

  • Create (or curate) a meme that you think your target audience will find interesting, funny, informative, or entertaining. It can be an image with a catchy quote, or an intriguing video clip.
  • Post the Meme to Facebook with a short quote that sums up your feelings of the meme followed by a few words about your offer and a link to your offer page. You can also link to a lead magnet to collect emails instead of sending traffic directly to your paid offer.
  • Pin the post to the top of your Facebook page so that people can easily navigate back to it.
  • Spend $20-$40 on Facebook ads to promote the meme to your target audience. (Check the pinned post on the following Facebook page so that you can get a visual of what this tactic looks like when implemented correctly.


Web Traffic

Now here’s the magic in this tactic. Being that it’s a meme that your target audience will find interesting, funny, informative, or entertaining you will notice a high level of engagement on the post. A huge amount of the engagement will be shares of the post and click-throughs of your offer link.

The click throughs that you receive from shares of your meme are 100% free! I’ve effectively used this tactic to grow several mailing lists from 0 to 10,000 subscribers in less than 3 weeks for under $200! Now that you have an email list you can begin sending out promotional messages and driving targeted web traffic to your offer.

Tactic 2: Experiment With Web Push Notifications.

When it comes to building a list of subscribers (which will then result in increased web traffic to your offer) there’s a new major player on the block.

Web Traffic

Website Push Notifications!

Similar to the push notifications you receive on your phone from mobile apps, website Push Notifications is a way to re-engage your followers via app style notifications, without actually having to build an app to do it! Early indicators are that web push notifications are the wave of the future.

With average clickthrough rates of up to 40% this method often dwarfs even email when it comes to engagement. In fact, if the email wasn’t so tried and true I would have listed web push notifications at the top of this list. I’ve been testing web push for nearly 3 months now and I’ve seen some amazing results.

Depending on whether your site is HTTP (unsecured connection) or HTTPS (secure connection) your website visitors. Will get a different “subscribe for notifications” prompt. Either way, it’s fairly easy to install with a few lines of code or a plugin installation if your site is built on WordPress.

To deliver web push notifications I use the OneSignal plugin. It’s free and very easy to install and manage. There is also some other notable push notification software providers including PushCrew, PushAssist, and Aimtell. All three achieve the same goal and have easy to install plugins. The only difference is the price point.

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Tactic 3: Add A Scrolling Notification Bar To The Top Of Your Site

If you have a blog you should be using a notification bar to drive web traffic to your offer page or your email subscription page. For this, I use Hello Bar. It allows me to put a custom bar at the top of my site. That announces an exclusive offer or ask an intriguing question that gets click-throughs that lead to my offer landing page. You can customize the bar to the look and feel of your site, have different bars targeted for different pages, and set the bar to expire on a certain date, plus a host of other customization features.

Tactic 4: Keep It Old School And Just Buy Web Traffic.

Although there are a lot of new and advanced tactics out there. The old school method of buying Google AdWords ads still works when it comes to increasing web traffic to your offer pages. This is an especially good method to use if you don’t have a blog. Just buy targeted web traffic and send them to a landing page where you can collect emails or make an offer.

I’ve gone this route before. I currently use “The Conversion Pros” to build my offer pages, purchased traffic, ran a few split test to boost conversions and done. It worked well. However, I still prefer building a blog around my business/offer. There are so many benefits to building a blog like free website traffic from search engines, and free web traffic from social shares.

A blog is also a great place to talk about your product, your brand, and to demonstrate your expertise. Other notable ad networks besides Google AdWords are Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and the Yahoo and Bing network.


These are some of my best tactics to increase web traffic to your offer pages. When implemented correctly I can almost guarantee that you’ll see a spike in traffic to your offer pages.  I’ve taken great care to keep this under wraps… Nobody else has a system that works anything like this one…There’s simply nothing else out there that operates in the same way.  I also recommend that you “Try This New WordPress Plugin Doubles Your Social Traffic In 7 Seconds Or Less”. Thank you for reading: How To Drive Targeted Web Traffic To Your Affiliate Offer Or Website!

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