Increase Website Traffic-5 Simple SEO Tips And Tricks

Increase Website Traffic-5 Simple SEO Tips And Tricks
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If you’re still learning what SEO is and how it works, you will love to read this SEO guide. Most often, we focus on On-page and off-page SEO, but it’s important to know how the technical aspect works as well.

When trying to rank your web page on the first page of Google, you will need to focus on all these aspects. What are the major search engine optimization tips that you need to remember? Here is a look at how to utilize your SEO to convert traffic into sales using our special tips and secret traffic source.

The SEO Tips You Need to Remember

What should you do when you’re trying to make your website technically sound? Here is a look at some of the things that you cannot miss out on.

Increase Site Traffic W/5 Simple SEO Tips & Tricks

1. Using Headings and keywords

Have the primary heading in H-1 and have at least H-2 and H-3 subheads in the article. These tell search engines about the importance of your content, and more the number of subheads, the more organized your content seems.

Using Primary Keywords

Your primary keyword needs to directly target the search phrase your users would be using. Your LSI keywords need to be related as well.

Use your keywords in headings, at the beginning of the content, a few times in between and a few times in subheads.

  • A 55 characters Title Works Wonders
  • Keep your titles under 55 characters, and you can expect search engines like Google to display your title correctly as many as 95% of the times.
  • Keyword selection in meta description
  • When you’re writing the meta description for your page, do not forget to include your primary keyword
  • Keyword Cross-Linking

A great way to increase backlink juice and SEO on your site is to link the primary keyword to another page.

For instance, you could link your keyword “best mattresses 2016” on one of your pages on your mattress site, to another web page in your site that talks about the best mattresses available now. You could even link the keyword to another website page or have those keywords on a different site which can direct to your page.

This increases the relevancy of the content.

2. Browser Compatibility

Have a responsive design. Responsive designs ensure that your web page displays across different devices and OS in a best-optimized way.

Check if your website is compatible with different browsers – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera are some of the common browsers and your website needs to display properly in each.

SEO Tips & Tricks

3. Content

Content is the primary reasons your visitors would be reading your blogs. And if you do not have something good to offer,

a. Unique and Fresh Content

Update your website with fresh content. Offer new insight. If there is any quote, ‘quote’ it. Do not have any content that is copied from anywhere else. Google can penalize you if your website doesn’t have trustworthy content – plagiarism is a strict no.

b. 301 Redirect

Search engines need to index your web pages for it to be visible during searches. A good way to do that is to invite Google web crawlers to visit your web page. You can do that with simple coding, and direct web pages to index one page and leave out another.

Redirect tags (301 and 302) that are URL’s that redirect users to another page need to be minimized as well. Google doesn’t like it, and too many of them might weaken the brand credibility and trust of your site, which are two ranking factors that Google looks at when ranking website.

c. Correct Spelling And Grammar

Google looks at brand credibility and trustworthiness. It also takes a look at the quality of the content. While the search giant does not tell much about its algorithm, here is the thing – you need to have proper spelling and grammar.

Spun content is a big no, and Google can now detect whether you’ve used spun content somewhere, and it wouldn’t be good for your business. Simply told, even if the content passes a plagiarism checker, it may not be good for you if there is no emphasis on spelling and grammar.

d. Optimize The Content of Home Page And Key Pages

Your home page needs to have the primary keywords in it. Have the keywords in the heading, in the titles, and strategically placed at different places in the content.

Use blogs to provide good and useful information

Blogs are one of the easiest ways to engage your audience. Use media and infographics when possible. Different topics can invoke different emotional responses from clients, according to a study. Many senior marketing executives believe that visual media like photos form a significant part of brand telling.

SEO Tips & Tricks


4. Keyword Density

Normal keyword density is around 2%. However, when using (LSI) keywords and other key phrases, some of the words can increase keyword density to abnormally high levels, something you need to be wary about.
High keyword density isn’t a good thing, and search engines like Google view it as an attempt to gain high page rankings without offering something useful. Check the keyword density with different tools like S.E.O Book to know if any part of the content has been over optimized.

5. Evaluate The Number of Organically Found Pages in Google Analytics

Google Analytics would tell you all about the user behavior. Go to ‘User Behavior’ to see how users are interacting with your site.

See how many users are visiting your website from search engines. It would also tell you the most found pages by users organically. If you find that an important web page isn’t being discovered, check it out for any potential problems.

For instance, many tools like Yoast SEO also give you the option to decide whether you want a particular page indexed or not, and you may want to see if that option is enabled.

Have informative content, preferably more than 1000 words, and back it up with some great media to get the best results. These SEO tips will help your site rank higher, and help you do a lot more.

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