Internet Marketing Tools That Work For Your WordPress Blog

Internet Marketing Tools That Work For Your WordPress Blog
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Is WordPress Blogs the best tool for effective marketing? WordPress is one best of several different web publishing platforms and content management systems out there. Web shops, company websites, and blogs all run on WordPress.

WordPress is a simple blogging system that does not require in-depth knowledge of website design, coding, and other technical details. But this ease of usage can easily tempt you to tackle things you shouldn’t – or ignore/overlook important aspects of SEO that can compromise your business growth, profitability, and overall success.

Generally, the point of having good SEO is to boost your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. And the two most effective marketing tools that can help you achieve this are: WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack.



How to use All in One SEO Pack: This WordPress SEO plugin addresses the following essential on-page ranking factors:

SEO Titles 

The most significant item on your web page is the text that is visible in your browser’s window bar. Tweak your post titles if they do not contain the phrases you are looking to rank. Modify the meta title, but do not touch the post titles.

Meta Descriptions

As soon as search engines rank your pages, your description attracts potential visitors to click on, or not. Your website’s fate is actually decided by meta descriptions, which many people mistakenly presume dead. If you don’t plan to write a description for each of your posts, at least set them to be auto-generated. Your post excerpt is the preferred source for post descriptions – use this for tweaking your description.

Targeted Keywords

The preferred sources are WP 2.3.x tags.

WordPress Blog

How to use Yoast WordPress For SEO

On each post type in WordPress, Yoast SEO places a “meta box” beneath the Visual Editor. To find out what I mean, go to Posts, then Add New. Here is what it all means.

Snippet Preview

This basically takes your meta-data (that is, the page title & description), and presents a preview of how it will appear in search results.

Focus Keyword

In short, if someone looked up the focus keyword, you’d expect your post to appear in the Google results. Yoast usually runs a check of your focus keyword to ensure that it has been used appropriately throughout the post. This is to make it obvious to search engines what the post is all about. Although the plugin allows one field, you should aim for a group of similar keywords in your post in order to avoid using the same keyword repeatedly.

WordPress SEO Title

In most cases, the title you’ve chosen for your post may not be the most descriptive for visitors coming to your site via search engines. What’s more, search engines take your page title as the #1 priority for evaluating the significance of your post. Once you fill this field, it will replace the title in the <title> tag and leave the primary title on your actual website.

Meta Description

This is where you customize the two description lines that will show in Google results. It is advisable to have a descriptive “advert” for potential visitors to click on. It does not affect ranking, but keywords that show inside it will be bold, thus standing out a little more.

Generally, these are the best marketing tools for SEO with WordPress, especially because they are geared towards the end user. For More Internet Marketing Tools That Work For Your WordPress Blog. => Click Here Now!