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Lifetime Hosting Reviews–Best Lifetime Hosting Web Hosting Plan

Lifetime Hosting Reviews–Best Lifetime Hosting Web Hosting Plan
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What is lifetime Hosting?  In this informative article, you’ll discover the best lifetime hosting, web hosting plan available on the internet today. You may have been dealing with content creators and providers for some time now. If you have, you’ll be familiar with its key features. So, there’s no need to go back to basics.

LifeTime Hosting Review

The real question is, where can you find the best web hosting services? What makes a great hosting service better than all the rest? And, why are quality and performance so important?

At Lifetime Hosting, founder Richard Madison is asking businesses to make a simple commitment. He wants them to keep creating engaging content for as long as there is a home for it online.

Lifetime Hosting can be that home. It offers one-time, fixed fee hosting services. This means that users pay a single premium. Then, they can manage their websites for as long as they like. Just think about that. No contracts. No renewals. Just straightforward virtual hosting.
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Enjoy Website Security, with No ‘Lock In’ Contracts

Now, this might sound too good to be true. You might even be shaking your head and looking for the exit button. And you’re right that to think that there are plenty of unreliable claims made on the internet.

This deal is not one of them. It is based on the kind of tricky mathematics that we won’t get too deep with here. You can find out more about it by chatting with Lifetime Hosting directly.

Basically, they’ve got a whole team of boffins crunching numbers and making calculations. They’ve considered things like whole lifetime value, monthly churn, and hardware cost projections to come up with a fair, fixed hosting fee.


For only $14.95, it will host your website for life. Or, until you decide to take it down. There are no contracts. You can cancel the deal whenever you like. It really is that simple.

As you only pay once, you never have to worry about down times or outages. No lapsed payments mean no dead air. Your website goes online and it stays that way.

This is different to a lot of mainstream VPS hosting services. They tempt users in with unbelievable deals and then hike the price up without warning. The first year might offer $2.95/mo hosting rates. Then, the time to renew will hit and so will the 400% price increases.

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What Is LifeTime Hosting?

Web Hosting provides storage space and access for websites. With lifetime.hosting You pay once. Renewal fees and expired domain payments are a thing of the past. Why pay extortionate prices just to have a reliable web presence?

Whether your website is for business or pleasure, it should be seen. You could be reaching millions of people. With Lifetime Hosting, brand exposure is a guarantee.

Get Plenty of Features and LifeTime Hosting Perks

Lifetime Hosting promises to provide fast loading content. Your visitors won’t stick around if pages load slowly. Give them plenty of reasons to keep coming back. Make sure your content is engaging and efficient.

It also offers 24/7 technical support from a highly experienced team. There is no problem that they cannot fix. If a website glitch sends you into a tailspin at 3 am, get in touch. There are currently around 50,000 Lifetime Hosting accounts. That is a whole lot of websites and they’re all looked after by this team of experts.

There is a free website builder tool available as well. So, free website building and hosting are included in the one-time $14.95 fee. The one click installer is useful for content hosted on platforms like WordPress. You can access this at no extra charge.

A Variety of Web Hosting Packages and Bundles

It is absolutely true that Lifetime Hosting will host a website indefinitely (‘for life’) in exchange for a single payment of $14.95.

If you want to host more than one website, you’ll need a package with more resources. There are a number of different bundles to choose from. Just to be clear, this isn’t a ploy to trick you into paying more.

You always have the option to stick with the basic lifetime hosting package. It is your decision and Lifetime Hosting trusts you to know what is best for your content.

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The Following LifeTime Hosting Bundles Are Available to Customers:

Lite ‘Lifetime’ Package – $14.95

  • Lifetime Hosting for One Website
  • 250MB Storage

Bumper ‘Lifetime’ Package – $37

  • Lifetime Hosting for 4 Websites
  • 4GB Storage

Deluxe ‘Lifetime’ Package – $67

  • Lifetime Hosting for 12 Websites
  • 12GB Storage

Triple Up Bundle

The ‘Triple Up’ Bundle gives users the chance to triple the size of their current package. The cost of an upgrade is the same price as originally paid. So, if you have a Lite package, you can bump it up for $14.95.

Standard SSL Add-On Bundle – $37

The SSL bundles include all the standard hosting, IT support, and website building services. It also includes unlimited SSL certificates and white cPanel migration. It also includes unlimited SSL certificates and lifetime priority backup and recovery. You’ll get a one-lifetime domain and indefinite domain privacy too.

Deluxe SSL Add-On Bundle – $77

The Deluxe version of the SSL Bundle offers everything that the standard package does. In addition, it also includes white cPanel migration. And you won’t get a one-lifetime domain, with indefinite privacy, you’ll get six.

lifetime hosting

Taking the First Step and Trying a LifeTime Hosting Plan for Yourself

The thing to remember is that Lifetime Hosting represents a long-term commitment. It is a promise shared by both the provider and the customer. It is a simple one, but it is very effective.

You pay a one-time fee of $14.95. In exchange for this, your website will be cared for until you decide that you don’t need it any longer.

It is not a bad deal or a trick offer. It is a chance to make web hosting easy again. To take it back to basics on focus on the things that matter – quality and reliability.

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